Michigan Foundation for Vision Awareness Endowment Funds - Optometric Scholarships

MFVA Scholarship applicants must be a resident of Michigan and plan to practice in Michigan, be a third year student in a college of optometry, have a 2.7 GPA or better in professional school, and will be based heavily on the need of financial assistance to complete their education.

Your Scholarship Online Submission Request will be e-mailed automatically upon clicking on the "Submit" button at the end of the application to MFVA's Scholarship Trustee, Julia A. Holmes, O.D. You must "Submit" your online request from January 1st but not later than May 1st each year.  

In addition, you are responsible to see to it that a reference letter from a professor at your college of optometry and original academic transcript (not a copy) arrive prior to the same submission deadline of May 1st in order for your application to be reviewed. These can be e-mailed by your professor and University to Dr. Holmes at holmes.julia@charter.net and again it is your responsibility that your reference and academic institution have these submitted on time.

If the reference letter and academic transcript are to be mailed the address is as follows;

Dr. Julia A. Holmes
3284 Saratoga Springs Dr.
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Scholarship Application questions are to be directed to:

Dr. Julia Holmes via e-mail  holmes.julia@charter.net.

MFVA Scholarship Application

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If you have supporting documentation that you would like to be submitted with your application, please email that information to M.F.V.A.org@gmail.com.