MFVA Research Grant Agreement Form

I will use the funds awarded solely for the purpose stipulated in my signed project description form and affirm it is not directly a Senior Project.

I further agree to begin the research within at least three (3) months after the awarding of the grant.

I agree to submit a progress report within six (6) months after the awarding of the grant and again every six (6) months until the completion of the project. A final report shall be submitted no later than one month after the completion of my research study. The final report will include the research findings as well as a financial statement as to how the grant was expended.

I further agree to submit the research results in acceptable form to appropriate scientific publications and to give the Michigan Foundation for VisionAwareness (MFVA) credit for funding assistance.

Furthermore, I agree to give the MFVA permission to summarize the results of this research within their publications.

I understand that equipment purchased with grant monies shall become the property of the sponsoring optometric institution (not the individual). The equipment must be identified as being contributed by the MFVA.

I understand that the MFVA may revoke my grant if I do not adhere to the stipulations of this agreement. Furthermore, I agree to reimburse the MFVA the full amount of the research grant if by failing to meet this agreement my grant is revoked.

I understand that the head of the institution where I pursue my research project shall be authorized to approve disbursements of the grant funds.

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